Are we still allowed to wear wide Capri (so called harem(?)) pants in a daylight? This has to be involved in a man repellent list. Maybe it already is, I am not sure. These black were my love at first sight. You know that feeling than you touch something and you don't want to separate anymore. The material is so soft, I can't find a proper words to describe. Patiently waited a month than they went about sixty percent off. I knew that no one will find these attractive :) But I did.


  1. Akvile, tavo fashion blog'as superinis!!! Labai šauniai pabrėžiamos modernios sezoniškumui tinkančios aprangos detalės, pasirinktas pats puikiausias modelis mados tendencijoms atspindėti. Šaunuolė, lauksiu naujų stiliaus idėjų!!!

  2. Geriausia foto sesija, pėdutės pasaka, trūko avalynės foto iš arti.