Are we still allowed to wear wide Capri (so called harem(?)) pants in a daylight? This has to be involved in a man repellent list. Maybe it already is, I am not sure. These black were my love at first sight. You know that feeling than you touch something and you don't want to separate anymore. The material is so soft, I can't find a proper words to describe. Patiently waited a month than they went about sixty percent off. I knew that no one will find these attractive :) But I did.

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  1. Akvile, tavo fashion blog'as superinis!!! Labai šauniai pabrėžiamos modernios sezoniškumui tinkančios aprangos detalės, pasirinktas pats puikiausias modelis mados tendencijoms atspindėti. Šaunuolė, lauksiu naujų stiliaus idėjų!!!